Trilogy Brands is in the know and has the pulse on the US market.

Trilogy Brands has built and maintains exclusive relationships with the premier fashion and lifestyle retail companies that own and operate the most prominent businesses in the Middle East and North Africa region, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, among its focus markets. Businesses who grow, manage and operate a unique collection of hundreds of international brands across the entire region supported by solid management and considerable financial standing.  Mall and hospitality developers, owners and operators are the largest owners of brand rights. This ensures that they bring the ultimate shopping experience to consumers and that they continue to attract foot traffic to their properties.

We accelerate time to market bringing new exciting brands to our global partners.​ 

We provide retailers access to young, contemporary brands that are hot and trending upward in key metropolitan US markets. Most brands have a classic Americana style, appeal to a broad demographic of affluent middle class consumers, and product can distribute through a range of channels nationally and internationally. 

​global Brand Licensing & retail consulting

building global brands

We know what it takes to build a profitable business in international markets

while keeping your brand consistent, authentic, and relevant

ultimately leading to strong brand equity  

we accelerate time to market bringing new exciting brands to our RETAIL PARTNERS

thinking of international expansion?

what we can do for you

Trilogy Brands is changing the old corporate model of global expansion and turning it on its head.  

We offer a real value solution to a real problem for brands looking to attract consumers and compete for profits.  Trilogy Brands is at the forefront of the knowledge economy providing the business savvy, expertise and familiarity in foreign markets, unique skills, and global networks needed to make more informed decisions, gain a better perspective on and an understanding of opportunities for growth in international markets.

Trilogy Brands offers the expertise clients need to expand their brand into some of the hottest consumer markets in the world. This is the Trilogy Brands competitive edge and value proposition to our clients.

Welcome to the retail revolution.

A revolution that is about speed to market. Consumers identify with a brand and want to experience it today. Not when the brand is ready to enter foreign markets. We want to keep consumers engaged and given them what they want. Timing is critical. And the time to act is now. Join the world's retail revolution.