Trilogy Brands Group

global Brand Licensing and franchising, & retail consulting


It's simple. 

​We provide immediate exposure and footprint for your brand translating into sizable economic value for you.  

We are building a “highway” for the introduction of American brands to the Middle East and Asia Pacific predominantly, consisting of celebrity brands, sports apparel, major brands, star-performing, iconic and emerging brands.

Benefits for our clients and partners is that it is a highly lucrative business, high growth model, it addresses a real problem, provides a high competitive advantage, immediate scalability, and has a short time to execute.

Trilogy Brands possesses unique relationships and business track record in the US and globally, and a unique combination of expertise in finance, fashion and retail creating a competitive advantage for our partners and clients. Solid and credible partners in a number of regions globally that can grow the brand aggressively, immediately unlocking and monetizing brand value makes for a compelling alliance with Trilogy with confidence of mutual success.



how it works

  • Preserve your free time to grow the US market. We grow international markets for you. 
  • Offering "how to" advise and decades of expertise to remove the guesswork.


Trilogy Brands is leveraging relationships and global intelligence to access star performing and fastest growing American brands, accelerating business expansion into the Middle East and North Africa, China, Asia Pacific and Latin America regions. Trilogy Brands operates as a growth engine driving new brand and enterprise development for emerging, mid to top tier American brands.

we are a BRAND DEVELOPMENT licensing and franchising international growth FIRM in the retail industry PIONEERING A FASTER, BETTER WAY FOR BRANDS TO ACCESS HIGHLY COVETED global MARKETS. 

Trilogy Brands is the brand behind the brands.  Focused on creating significant revenue by monetizing idle brand value in regions with strong consumer demand ready to embrace new trendy, emerging, growing and star performing and established brands. The world is brand-obsessed. Consumers want “American” products today.

Trilogy works closely with its US brand clients targeting fashion, celebrity and sports brands, accessories, food and beverage, sporting goods, action sports, supermarkets, entertainment, entertainment retailing, health and fitness, wellness, nutrition, cosmeceuticals, multimedia and electronics, digital and e-commerce applications, home furnishings, education, hotels and leisure.

  • Embrace globalness and diversity.
  • Support unique brands and follow consumer trends in our communities and abroad to stay relevant.
  • Celebrate creativity and collaboration globally.
  • Achieve more with less by outsourcing unique skill-sets to us.
  • Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive or contrarian, we can help.
  • Strive for international growth with confidence of success.